Tuesday, July 15, 2008


While you anxiously await our second weekend of screenings, we aim to bring you continuing coverage of the past weekend's festivities.

The Opening Night entries have been updated with fabulous photos of MC Margaret and our attractive guests! Check them out at:

We've also added some information about the opening night screening of 'No Regret', including pictures of star Lee Young-Hoon.

Le Grand Bal - What happened between 11:00 pm and 5:00 at Bar Hijouguchi...? Stay tuned to find out.

An in-depth interview with C. Jay Cox (director of 'Kiss the Bride').

Plus, 'A Jihad for Love' screening with director Parvez Sharma and producer Sandi Dubowski. The film is showing again this coming Friday, July 18, at 14:50 (Spiral Hall).


Cynthia said...

Hi Guy,

Kudos for posting blog entries about the film fest here. I didn't get to go to the Wald 9 venue this past weekend but am armed with a pass for this coming long weekend. It's probably a little late to volunteer but in case you or the FF folks need some help with Cantonese/Chinese/English translation, I'll be happy to help. でも、私は少しの日本語を話すことができるだけです。In any event, thanks for posting info in English. You're a lifesaver!

Guy Coco said...

Hi, Cynthia,

Thanks for the kind message and offer of help. 手伝いましょうね。I will make sure the organizers of the festival see your message (I am sure they will, because they too are reading the blog regularly).

Hope to see you at the fest this weekend!


Guy Coco said...

Hi, Cynthia,

We could use your help on Saturday for the screening of 'Drifting Flowers', the Taiwanese film. There will be no English subtitles or translation, but if you can come and sit with me (I'll get you a ticket) and translate just for me during the intro and Q & A, and then for a short interview with the director after the screening, that would be great. However, I don't know how to contact you through this thing! Can you make your profile public, or send me a message at tilgffblog@gmail.com so we can coordinate.

Thanks so much for your help!