Saturday, July 12, 2008

‘No Regret’ (Second Opening Night Feature)

South Korea’s ‘No Regret’ is an erotic, if also tragic, tale of seduction and obsession that takes place between a poor art school student and the son of his employer (see the festival schedule for more information: The film only screened once at the festival, but you haven’t missed your chance to see it. Beginning July 19, there will be a special weekly late show of the film at the Wald 9.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to present this film with English subtitles, and there was no English translation for the Q & A (only Japanese), so all we can offer our English readers are a few fetching photos of our guest, Lee-Young Hoon, who portrays the poor student Su-min in the film.

MC Margaret, having transformed out of her Elizabeth I costume, and raided Natalie Portman’s wardrobe from Star Wars: Episode I, interviews Lee-Young Hoon.

Lee-Young Hoon takes an important phone call: "Moshi-moshi... Who's calling, please? Hollywood? Why, yes, I am ready to cross-over..."


Anonymous said...

I saw this film... with subtitles in Spanish and I really liked it. Definitely I love corean movies. Even for a thematic that might be so cliché sometimes it ends up being su unconventional. Totally loved the story.

Mikuru Hirai said...

Is he gay or bi?